Monday, September 15, 2014

Weeks 2 and 3

Not much to report other than we got two interesting calls. The first call was from the parents of one of Jack's high school friends. When they dropped their son off at the Provo MTC, Jack was at the curb welcoming new missionaries. The second call was from a woman who substitute teaches at their High School and also works at the MTC. She was in Sacrament meeting in the MTC and recognized Jack. She sent me a picture and called. On both occasions, they said Jack seemed happy and doing well.

As for his letters...

He's not giving me anything publishable. In summary, he's pleased with his progress in learning Japanese. Now he doesn't have to write the sentences in the discussion before saying them. As of week 3, he's given us some spiritual homework....

I've added a number of pictures:

Japanese that he's proudly written on the board.

His study materials.
His room.
His district.

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