Thursday, September 25, 2014

週4 and 5


Nothing new from me, just the same routine. Its hard to say things about the MTC, cause its the same day over and over again. I did learn how to say "poop", so that's awesome. 
Here's something. Richard G. Scott of the quorum of the big 12 spoke to us on Tuesday. I loved it because all the devotionals are kinda in your face, but this one was calm and peaceful. Loved it. Talked about Nephi and faith, which was perfect for me, just a sincere talk. really enjoyed it. Man, he's old.

This month was great. We heard from 2 apostles, participated in the re dedication, and saw Elder Clarke (Tyson). I've been reading Jesus the Christ lately, and its like I got my head got dunked into the gospel. My eyes have been opened, and my testimony strengthened through the book. Great stuff. I love being a missionary. Although the schedule is strict, it's always nice to turn the Savior every minute of the day, and He will be there to help. 

For those worried about his laundry: I don't need anything mom I'm pretty self sufficient. I even bought some stain remover so, go me. everything is great. I love it, but am ready to get to Japan already.

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