Sunday, February 22, 2015

February 23, 2015

The transfer email came today. I am staying with the same companion, same area. I’m ok with that. Because we get along, and I love this area. So nothing really new here. (Transfer wise).
About repentance, ahhhh it’s hard to explain it in English. But in Japanese, you can use the kanji to explain it. Super easy. Sorry, not a lot of help. If you want, you can try to find the meaning of the kanji, which is 悔い改める it should read kuiaratameru. The kanji are the really crazy looking ones. (1st and 3rd symbol). If that is something you are interested in.
Yes, go me. 6 months. Woooooooo
No, translating is super and hard and embarrassing. But, it is coming along.
Thank you for your thoughts. I am not sure if they realize it, because they (most Japanese people) do not believe in Christ. So it is very hard to set a nice concrete block about Christ/ but when you do, that is when it is easy. Thank you again for your thoughts.
Here’s how my week went.
Tuesday: we had an appointment with a family from the ward who gave us a referral. So we went, and the mom asked us to give her daughter a blessing. So I blessed her with oil, yes, in Japanese, and my companion gave the blessing. After, the friend (referral) asked about blessings and if she could get one. She has post dramatic stress disorder, so I blessed her with oil, and my comp gave her a blessing. After words, everyone in the room was crying. Everyone said they felt the spirt sooo strongly. It truly was a great experience. After that, the members came up to me and said my pronunciation was perfect, and the intonation was perfect. Wow.
Then we ate. Introduced family and ourselves. What we like to do, how old we are etc.
We got to know the friend, and her father passed away 3 years ago. She said there is not a day goes by when she doesn’t think about him. She had a dream where her father called her on the phone and said that he was in a bad place, and then told her not to worry because he moved to a better place. We then testified of eternal families, and that her father is waiting for her to find the truth. And during this whole time the members are crying, and testifying that missionaries hold the power of god, and truly were sent to find her. Truly an amazing experience. The absolute most powerful experience so far. Btw, right after the blessing, the little daughter was fine again. Then went to a different area for an exchange, but we ended up staying the night. Super fun. Anyways, great day.
Wed: exchange with a great elder. He fell off his bike a few days earlier, so I used my sports med knowledge and wrapped his wrist. Taught English. Super fun day.
Thurs: super long day. Taught the crazy cat lady, and had weekly planning, then rode an hour away to teach some less active who likes to take pics when we teach. Super difficult. Really rough day.
Friday: had district meeting. My companion asked me to teach about a Christ like att. from pmg. I chose patience. I taught using kanji. the kanji for patience (忍耐)  is the same and endure to the end (耐え忍ぶ) but just mixed up a little bit. so ya, pretty easy to teach when you have kanji. went decently well I hope. also taught the suicidal guy. thinks this can’t help him. so my question is why does he still want to meet. very difficult.
Sat: taught the guy who is getting baptized. Long story short, he is retiring and since living in Osaka is too expensive, he is moving back to his hometown. So he is sad for that. Anyways, he is doing better. Just a little sad, cause he has a lot of friends here. Then taught a less active family, who wants to take the lessons, and hopefully get a better understanding since the missionaries before didn’t teach them too well. Then went to a member’s house for food. Super delicious.
Sund: church, translated, taught the quietest person in the world (new investigator) and went to the Africans for food. We were told to go talk about the referral with her friends, so we had to tell the Chinese slave man that we couldn't teach him. He said, in English, "ok come back tomorrow" and kissed me on the cheek. So ya, that happened. Then went and spoke things with members. Yes.
Long and very good week. Thank you for prayers and thoughts. Truly keeps me going.
I don’t need anything, but I do want to share an analogy before I go. It’s about the atonement. I am not sure, but I heard there is a video about this. Anyways, here I go.
There was a man living in the olden days. His job is to hold the track switch for trains when they come by. In this situation, at the split of the tracks, one track leads to a station, and the other is broken, and below it lays a lake. He gets a call saying the train is coming, so he goes out and hold the switch. While he is doing so, his oldest son starts to play on the tracks that lead to station. He yells to him, but he can’t hear. The train is coming, and he doesn’t have time to grab him. He thinks. 1 soul, your first born son, or thousands. This father, who without doubt loves his son, holds the switch so the train can safely go to the station.
You can image the rest.
Heavenly father LET Jesus suffer, die, be abused, etc. he held the switch for us to continue, to be able to, receive eternal life forever. He wanted to help Christ, but as it says in the scriptures, there must needed be an eternal sacrifice.
The moral of this story, is to be happy. Be happy that you don’t have to sacrifice your family. Be happy that the atonement is done. The path is paved before us. Be happy that god let his beloved son die, so that you can return to live with him. Do not forget what Christ willingly did as well.
Very sad example, but just puts life into perspective doesn’t it.

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