Sunday, October 26, 2014

So tell me everything...

Re: So tell me everything....

To: Michelle Bateman
k mom everything is great. japan is great. except the keyboards, they are weird. anyways. my companion is elder harrison thomas. he went to timberline and lone peak. so ya thats cool. im in osaka, sekime area. being white washed. aka, no investigators. starting from scratch. hard way to start a mission. we had a halloween party this week, and met a ton of the members and people who come to english class. we went to church yesterday, and met most the people there. really great members. the mission president is great. funny, but doesnt take any butt kisses, which is awesome. his wife was great too.
i dont think i have changed, but i think ive become more loving. just helping people with their issues, and studying the christlike attributes in pmg everyday has molded me into something different i feel. i guess youll see that when i come home.  youll be the judge of that
also, the cafes are disgusting here. osaka is like san fran except dirtier.
ok, so this week, just a lot of moving, and saying goodbyes, hellos, and street contacting. one thing ive done is to say `herro how r yuuuu` and they say `i am fine sank u how r yuuu` so that will get a conversation going then bam we say we are missionaries then they leave. frusturating. they just arent ready yet i guess. anyways, thats something fun i did this week.  the language is crap hard. golly, but everything here is tiny. toilets, roofs, doors, bikes, everything. the kids always say that im a huge guy, and they say `what kind of person are you` aka literally. its awesome. but ya, no lessons yet. we teach FHE tonight, in english, so that will be a blast. looking forward to that.

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