Sunday, October 5, 2014

MTC - Week 6

In Japan, wearing a black tie means death. If you could send me 3-4 new ties, it would be greatly appreciated. No news on the visa, but im sure everything is fine. 

Also, 2 big news items:
1.) I got called as a zone leader on Sunday. Our zone had 20 missionaries, but on Wednesday 20 more came in. So my companion and I are in charge of 40 missionaries. Everyone kept saying, "We knew it would be you." The district president's wife told us that after sacrament meeting (which is all in japanese btw). So ya. I'm a zone leader. 
2.) On Sundays and Tuesdays we have devotionals. I got asked to say the opening prayer in this Sunday's devotional. IN FRONT OF THE ENTIRE MTC. I get the meet the MTC Presidency and the speaker. 

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